Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thursday Was A Fairytale SAMday

It was Friday Thursday afternoon when i got a text message from my friend Elica that Sam Concepcion is here in Bacolod. I was surprised and i freaked out. That was really shocking because the event he will be attending was not announced and it turned out to be a private event.
I was really excited to see Sam its been almost a year since the last time i saw him. And Finally my cousin Kara, Elica together with her two friends, and I decided to go to the said hotel where the event will be held. We waited in the lobby we sat on a table near the elevator, then aftre an hour the elevator went open and elica was like "hi sam" then at first i didn't believe her then i finally saw sam standing in front of me. Two of elica's friends was able to have a picture with him then he said he'll be back because it was his turn to perform. Unfortunately Elica's friends need to leave earlier so it was Elica, my cousin Kara, and I who was left behind. We waited again for around another hour, then finally the show has ended the guests left the venue and the last to went out of the said place was Sam. We were still on the couch that we were sitting in earler when Tita Gene (Sam's Mom) approached us and said "are you the samsters" and of course we said yes, then she pointed me out and said "oh yes i remember you" then this is it. hahahaha.. We went to the table where sam was sitting and as we approach the table he stood up and sad sorry to keep you waiting. Then we took pictures with him, I really love the way he talk it seems that when he speak he get everyones attention. He is so handsome in his red polo and gray tuxedo. We are talking about his movie Cinco and he really talks a lot. Eventually the it is getting late and we still have classes at 7:30 in the morning so bid goodbye but before that i ask him if can have a hug then he hugged me. His scent "acca kapp"was all over my coat. He smells really good, hahahaha, elica, kara, and i was smelling my coat on our ride home. That hug and his scent on my coat did gave me a good night sleep. Im really looking forward on seeing him again.

Sam is HandSAM
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